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Has it really been a year?

13 March 2015
Has it really been a year?
It is exactly a year since Henry Bailey (or plain Henry as he was then) joined our household.

You may recall Henry was not at the 2014 homing day, but a poster of him really shouted across the room so we visited him in London Colney and he immediately connected with me. A week later Henry Bailey was here and since then he has settled into life as the owner of three sofas, three beds, many blankets, one shed roof and myriad sitting-on/hiding-under places around both house and garden.

HB (as he signs himself) is a genuinely lovely chap, who is quite a bird watcher (but not hunter, so the RSPB can relax), toy mouse wrangler, TV critic (admittedly, he sleeps through many films) and quite keen on helping me type when I am working at home. Above all, he is completely at home.

Many thanks to the Cats Protection St Albans team from HB and me.