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Pip appeal

13 May 2014
Pip appeal
We recently re-homed a lovely cat called Pip, but unfortunately he then got lost and was missing for a few days because his eyes and ears have been damaged due to mistreatment by someone and we think he misjudges situations.

Pip is now back at his new home, but had to go to the emergency vet on Sunday, and to his normal vet on Monday. He is being treated for an ulcerated eye, which means he has to wear a head collar. His eye is ulcerated because someone threw him from a car into a breakers yard and metal went into his eye. He also has some head and ear damage and we may have to do a costly scan to find out what the problem is.

We have agreed to fund all of his ongoing treatment even though he has found a new home with very loving owners. Donations towards these costs will be gratefully received.

You can donate by text message or online by clicking here.